Bucket List

+ Ride an Elephant
+ Surf in the ocean
+ Be an extra in a movie
+ Go to California
+ Climb a mountain
+ Go backpacking in Glacier Park
+ Move to Africa
+ Graduate from College
+ Speak another language fluently
+ Get a tattoo from everyplace I've called home
+ Go on a safari
+ Swim in all of the Oceans (checklist: atlantic, indian)
+ Hitchhike
+ Visit at least 20 different countries in my lifetime 
   (checklist: Canada, USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia)
+ Cliff jump
+ Buy a Canon 5D Mark ii 
+ Learn how to ballroom dance
+ Snorkle in a coral reef
+ Work at a ski resort
+ Be a stewardess on an airplane or cruise ship
+ Teach someone another language
+ Film a documentary and get it distributed
+ Meet James Nachtwey
+ Get a photo published in National Geographic
+ Take a cover photo for National Geographic
+ Kiss at the top of a mountain
+ Jump off a waterfall
+ Learn how to lead climb -- and go on a trip out west to do so!
+ Run a half-marathon
+ Photograph in Iceland

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