Nov 18, 2012

beautiful people // kaitlan spencer

Meet my best friend Kaitlan Spencer!  She is magical and wonderful and has a heart the size of the ocean.  This spring we are going to Nairobi, Kenya together!  We are studying at Daystar University and taking classes in film, media, and African history and conflict; we are also going to have internships making documentaries and photography exhibits.  I'm so excited I could cry!  During our time we'll be staying in dorms with other African students, going on a safari in the Masai Mara, attempting to climb Mt. Kenya, and spending spring break in Tanzania!  But for now, we're bundling up in Michigan waiting for the 85 degree weather that is waiting for us in Kenya. 
This shoot was taken for my people of november book I'm making for my color photography class (like I mentioned before).  We woke up early for chapel on a past friday morning and when on an adventure to this closed city pool down the road from her house.  

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! I love the subject, I love the photography.... I love it all!! GREAT JOB!!