Jan 14, 2013

chicagoland // reunited

before the year was over i spent some time in chicago and the surrounding suburbs with my friends from montana. kyle and i met when we were both working at the park cafe in glacier national park.  we last saw each other five months ago after i had spent a weekend with him in missoula, mt. since then we've shared a few letters and phone calls, but being together for a couple days was amazing.  his friend chloe showed us around the suburbs and took us to the beach where part of ferris bueller's day off was filmed.  later in the evening we took a train into downtown and did some shopping.
on the train ride home kyle and chloe were exhausted and slept, so i did what i do best, take pictures... of people in my train car being cute without them noticing. but really, these pictures are endearing right? 

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